Think outside the formal box – 10 creative wedding invitation designs you’ll love

So you’re thinking about invites for your upcoming wedding? Of course you are! The hardest part is deciding what design to use while you browse through stationary shops, print shops and wedding boutiques… But wait, before you pick up the one with the illustration of the dove, or the one with 2 hearts joined together, or even the one with all those fancy bows and flowers (you know the ones) – think about you!

Why not design your own invitation based on the two of you as a couple? Maybe you both love sports – why not a sports ticket design with the RSVP as the tear-off “ticket”. Or, maybe you are both into nature, hiking and camping. What about a designed fold-out map, but instead of camping directions you’ll find details about your day.

There are so many creative and unique ideas for invitations, that you’ll definitely find one that suits your hobbies, interests or theme of your wedding. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to allocate more time aside than usual to design (have someone design), put together/shop for, or order and customize your invitations than the usual pre-printed ones. If being different and standing out from the crowd is your cup of tea, then read below for some great ideas.

1. Teacloths – Oh my!
Why not have your names down in print forever? These handy invitations are “green”, reusable and actually very handy. Also a great idea as guest favours.


2. Scratch and Win (uncover the date)
This is a fantastic idea that can be completely customized to your own design. You don’t have to be going to Vegas to use this type of scratch and win treatment! Complete instructions on how to make this yourself can be found at the link below.


3. Circus Tent
Everybody is curious about a box… what’s inside? Let’s open and see! This invitation design is interchangeable – add more cards with more information.

circus tent

4. Get in that photo booth!
Photo booths are all the rage at weddings right now, but why not get ahead of the crowd and have your photo booth pictures on the invitations. A great opportunity to tell a story.


5. Far, far away
Are you heading for a destination wedding? Want to keep with the theme of travel? These very creative invitations are custom made with your information and photos.


6. Fill in the blanks
You’ll never anticipate what answers could await you with this type of wedding invitation RSVP! Easily a DIY project for yourself. Just don’t be shocked with some of the answers you may receive!

fill in the blanks

7. The handy hanky
Another environmentally-friendly and very usable option is the Handkerchief invites. Elegant idea for a garden wedding.


8. Tell your story, your whole story
…Or, talk about how you met, how he (or she) proposed, or maybe like this couple, your hopes and dreams for the future!

story invitation

9. It’s getting hot in here
Having a mid-summer wedding? Help out your guests by asking them to bring their invitation with them to your ceremony. This fan-designed invitation is a great keep-sake.

fan idea

10. Make It Pop
This fun and engaging idea is a part DIY project and part ordering balloons project. The result? Unique, and super exciting. Get your guest to work for their dinner!

balloon invitation

Have you seen unique or different invitations during your travels? Let us know what you are planning for your upcoming wedding invitations!


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